Work – in Zoom, yoga – in Zoom, friendly gatherings in Zoom. Or is it Skype anyway? It became interesting to us who is the most popular in the world, what services of online events and conferences are looking for in the world, and different states of America. We analyzed Google Trends search query data.

And now we tell how popular Zoom and its competitors are.

As the name predicted, Zoom soared up. According to SensorTower, since the end of March, Zoom has held first place in downloads in the USA. In two weeks, the service managed to rise from 727 lines in the App Store to the first place. And, despite the scandals associated with data leaks, it continues to remain at the top of applications, bypassing instant messengers, games, and even TikTok hype. And this is without taking into account the desktop.

Over the past month, 73 million people worldwide downloaded it. It seems that the creators of the service themselves are not fully aware of their success. “At the end of December last year, the maximum number of participants in daily meetings, both free and paid, held at Zoom, was approximately 10 million. In March this year, we were visited by more than 200 million participants in daily meetings, both free and paid,” says the official Zoom website.


As the main indicator of trust and folk love – weddings in Zoom. The #quarantinewedding and #zoomwedding tags are gaining popularity on Instagram. Happy newlyweds gather relatives from different parts of the world on the screens of their computers. Isolation is not a reason to cancel the long-awaited celebrations. The network even composes instructions on how to organize such ceremonies.

Newlyweds, teachers, and employers love Zoom for simplicity and convenience.

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.

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