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When hiring employees, the employer can use completely different forms of interviews, they depend on the realities of today, and on the tasks that the company that is gaining employees sets for itself, and even on the ingenuity and progressiveness of the person organizing the hiring of employees. One of the modern forms of interviews was Zoom interviews.

Summary of the article:

  • Pros and cons of Zoom interviews
  • How to get a Zoom interview

Tips to the interview on Zoom: the pros and cons of Zoom interviews when applying for a job.

Zoom interviews, as a modern version of job interviews for hiring employees, have been used recently, but its popularity is growing, one might say, every month.

How to successfully pass an interview on Zoom.

For example, in the USA, 72% of companies already use such a progressive form of interviewing.

Most recruiters are convinced that soon, a Zoom interview will go into the work of all companies and become the standard form of job interviews. That is why already now, as job seekers, we should pay attention to this format of the interview and prepare well for it for the future.

What are the pros and cons of Zoom interviews for job seekers and employers?

The main advantages of Zoom interviews when applying for a job:

Significant time savings: even if your potential place of work is in another city, you can participate in an interview without leaving anywhere, and even without leaving home.

With a Zoom interview, your money is also saved – no need to spend money on the road and take leave at your current place of work at your own expense for a trip to the interview.

The third plus of the Zoom interview is closely related to the first two: there are simply no territorial boundaries between you and the employer. You can apply for a position in a company located in another city, or even in another country.

It is easy to access a Zoom interview and prepare for it without difficulty.

When preparing for an online meeting, you decide which area you will be in – this will provide you comfort and self-confidence.

If, during a conversation with an employer, you suddenly realize that this work is not for you, it’s much easier to complete a Zoom interview (but, of course, using the rules of business etiquette).

It is unlikely that an employer will be able to apply a tactic of stressful interviews during an online meeting.

How to successfully pass an interview on Zoom

Difficulties of an online interview with a potential employer:

The quality and the fact of conducting an online interview depends on the state of the technical devices of you and the employer. For example, in case of problems with the Internet, one of the parties will simply not be able to interview.

Zoom-interviews at hiring will not allow you to fully assess the area of work, the condition in the company, the spirit of the team, and boss, the real job in the office – what you could see during a face-to-face interview in the company.

The home atmosphere around you does not allow you to entirely create a working mood for the interview, and many things – such as, for example, a sudden arrival of guests or a doorbell — may simply interfere with the interview.

For many people, the challenge of communicating with strangers at a distance through a webcam.

How to get a Zoom interview successfully – tips that work.

How to successfully pass an interview on Zoom.

As with any other meeting, you must carefully prepare for an online interview, given specific rules:

  • Zoom interviews must be agreed in advance so that you have time to prepare for it. If you are invited to talk about a job immediately, and without preparation, it is better to refuse this interview. In any case, it will not be in your favor.
  • After agreeing on an interview time with your employer, organize the technical basis of your upcoming interview. If you didn’t use Zoom before, download the program to your computer and register in it. It is worth noting that your nickname should be business-like, concise, severe, and adequate – names like Joker, Mr. Meow Meow, Monkey_Buns would not be the best choice.
  • Add your employer contact to your list in advance.
  • Shortly before the online interview, we recommend that you recheck the quality of the connection by calling someone from Zoom via Zoom.
  • Carefully select clothing for an interview. Conducting an interview from home does not mean at all that you can perform in front of the camera in a tee with a frivolous pattern or an old sweater. The employer will positively assess your composure even during a Zoom interview in the business style of clothes and hairstyles, which will be a plus for you when applying for a job.
  • When preparing for an online interview, do not forget that you may find yourself in a funny situation if the camera suddenly drops or you suddenly need to stand behind the necessary papers, and you are in a strict blouse and jacket, combined with shorts or home-made “workouts.”
  • Completely prepare the room for Zoom interviews. The light should not be too strong because of your back. Otherwise, the interviewer will see only your dark silhouette on the screen. Make sure that the lamp on the table or the light from the window illuminates your face well.
  • In the background, there should not be flickering children or pets, things casually thrown onto the sofa, a table with dirty dishes, etc. It will be better if you sit on the background of one of the walls (preferably without a carpet) so that unnecessary things do not appear in the picture on the employer’s monitor.
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  • All relatives should be informed about the time of your online interview, suggesting a walk during this period on the street or sitting in another room, closing the doors tightly.
  • During the interview, turn off the doorbell, mobile, and home phones, turn off the radio and TV.
  • Everything that you may need for a meeting should be near you. Put all your documents, certificates, diplomas, printed resumes, and references near the computer. Prepare a pen and notebook for the important notes during the interview.
  • If you are very worried, before the interview, sketch yourself the questions that you want to ask the employer so as not to forget them. Put in front of you all the necessary information written on paper, if you are not hoping for your memory: dates of graduation, specialty, and names of universities, years of getting specializations, etc.

If, during a Zoom interview the call was suddenly interrupted, then, according to the rules of business etiquette, the person who called should call back.

Try rehearsing your speech in advance. At a Zoom interview, try to speak evenly, correctly. Sometimes employers prefer to make a video interview on Zoom so that then they can once again review it with other employees of the company, so you should avoid reservations, hitches, slang, or vernacular words, as well as an informal style of communication in your speech.

How to successfully pass an interview on Zoom

As a rule, candidates interested in an online interview are then invited to a traditional, face-to-face meeting at the company’s office.

Thus, a Zoom interview allows the employer to determine in advance the circle of suitable candidates, and for the applicant to take a closer look at the company.

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